Saturday, November 24, 2007

My First Blog

Well I've been talking about having a blog long enough. I am new to this blog stuff and fairly new to scrapbooking. I never seriously did scrapbooking before that time. I guess it just hit me that if I don't put to paper some of my life, my grandchildren and great grandchildren may never really know who I am or who their family is. So as I go through this adventure I thought I'd keep track of it here.

My name is Marianne. I live in the Great Northwest. I have been married to my best friend Rick, for 33 years. In 33 years we have gone through a lot together but can't imagine sharing it with anyone else. We have two sons, 1 daughter-in-law and 4 grandchildren.

I work full time outside my home as a secretary. It is the best job. I work for a small family owned company and all the employees are very close knit. I have worked there only a year but feel like I have known all of them forever.

Rick is a manager for an auto parts chain store. He loves working with people so it is a great fit for him.

I love paper...there I said it. I just can't seem to get enough or make enough things with it.

I hope to post lay outs and other creative things for you to enjoy real soon.

Well that's enough for this entry.


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