Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eastern Washington Shoebox Party

PennyWise Arts held a shoebox party in honor of Tracy's birthday weekend. This is a picture of Tracy and Shanea's wonderful scrapbook barn shop before the party began.

You can see the kits on the table ready for everyone to arrive and begin a day of crafting, snacking and fellowship. My kit is the one closest to you with the green lidded containers. I will need to show you mine later because I forgot to take a picture of it. The people in the background are Shanea (on right side) Tracy's daughter and Julie.

This was the sample that Shanea had with her kit. Isn't it a beautiful bracelet? I have never done anything like this so I was thrilled to give it a go.

I will post more pictures later in the week.

Remember if you have any cards (without glitter) laying around Operation Write Home would love to have them. In September they are holding a big birthday bash, why not consider joining in on the celebration. Check it out here.

Until later,

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